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Briggs out of scheduled defense

Sultan Ibragimov's first world title shot on March 10 is off, because champion Shannon Briggs has pneumonia. The fight will hopefully (well, someone hopes for it) be rescheduled in the spring. Whenever Briggs does get into the ring, as long as his opponent is at all credible, he is likely going down. His first WBO title defense will probably be his last.

Even money, who do you take head-to-head -- Briggs or Maskaev? I go with Maskaev, but I think Liakhovich beats Briggs handily 9.9 out of 10 times, and Briggs just executed in the last 30 seconds of his one shot and made 0.1 happen.

Saturday night, of course, we'll be back again with HBO's Boxing After Dark, the three-fight card featuring Malignaggi v. Cherry, Smith v. Powell and Berto v. Bravo. Join us this weekend, score along, and just talk some boxing.