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Taylor/Mora near set, another Mora replaces Briggs

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The "much-anticpated" fight between Jermain Taylor and Sergio Mora will take place on either May 19 or June 2, according to Dan Rafael. The fight will be held either in Vegas or Miami, and will be on HBO World Championship Boxing, not pay-per-view, making this Taylor's third straight fight on regular old HBO, which you could construe as being telling that Taylor isn't yet a big drawing card despite his wins over Hopkins, or that since Winky, he's not fighting the true top competition. Or you could be like me, and take the good with the bad, which is that you don't have to pay to see Taylor fight. Especially considering the opposition.

Javier Mora (21-3-1) will replace Shannon Briggs against Sultan Ibragimov on March 10 at MSG Theatre. The Ibragimov camp reportedly tried to get Calvin Brock, Lou Savarese, Dominick Guinn and even Ray Mercer to replace Ibragimov, but none were willing to take the fight on such short notice. Brock will supposedly be fighting tomato can Ralph West on the undercard of the upcoming Holyfield circus in Texas on March 17.

The shit-talking between Edison Miranda and Allan Green is reaching a fever pitch, which is fantastic given how lackluster the Cotto/Urkal main event for that show is. Green started the war of words by calling Miranda "stupid" and "one-dimensional," and Miranda has responded by promising to brutalize Green for his lack of defense, adding, "I advise you to put your children to sleep early. Don't let them watch this fight. ... I don't want the young children to be traumatized."

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