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Picks for Saturday night's Barrera/Marquez showdown

How's everyone feeling for picks about this fight? Personally, I'm having as hard a time as I can remember picking a winner for this one. There are so many intangibles, worries on both sides, and strengths for both fighters that this could be the hardest fight of the year to pick a winner.

I guess it really depends on what type of fight you think it will become. If it becomes a war, Barrera seems the favorite on paper, but Marquez has proven his toughness and resiliency in the past, even if he doesn't have the highlight reel wins that Barrera does. He's as tough as anyone to knock out -- Pacquiao threw all he had at Marquez and couldn't finish the job.

If you see it being a technical battle -- as most do -- then Marquez may have the edge there. As good as Barrera can be, Robbie Peden and Rocky Juarez are not Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez is an exceptional boxer.

Is it a brawl? Is it a chess match? If it becomes a little of both, who has the most overall skill to win the most rounds?

Part of me says Marquez finally gets his big win, part of me thinks Barrera scores another fantastic victory in a career stocked with them. I'll probably be waffling on my pick until Saturday night. What's your call?

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