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Odds on the Weekend Fights

In case anyone is curious, here is what the collective wisdom of gamblers and Vegas experts suggests about this weekend:

John Duddy is massively favored over the hapless Anthony Bonsante: odds about 5 to 1. (I say Duddy KO's him in two.)

In a potentially interesting but untelevised fight in France, cruiserweights Jean Marc Mormeck and O'Neil Bell are about even, with Mormeck holding a slight advantage. (I favor Bell, by the way.)

At light welterweight, Demetrius Hopkins is about a 2.5 to 1 favorite over Steve Forbes. (Hopkins will win by decision.)

Daniel Ponce De Leon is heavily favored against Gerry Penalosa. Penalosa is a relatively untested Filipino. Though he has fought a few minor fights in the States. This is the money fight for longshot bets. Penalosa, who is now managed and trained by the omnipresent Freddy Roach, should not be this much of an underdog: Vegas odds are nearly 3 to 1 against him. (De Leon has the edge, but again, this is a good longshot bet.)

Holyfield is nearly a 7 to 1 favorite against his latest tomato can, whatever his name is.

I was unable to find a line on Aiken vs. Pereira.

And in the fight we are all looking forward to most, Barrera vs. Marquez, the odds are ... dead even (at least at the time of this post). Note that when the line was first offered, Barrera was slightly favored, but recent bets have moved things to a dead heat. That's right, it's a pick 'em fight if there ever was one.

I believe that Barrera has recently shown he is willing to do what it takes to win, even if it doesn't particularly please the fans. For this reason, I favor him slightly. Barrera by decision.

All odds from Sportsbook.

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