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Judah's comeback ends in a mess

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If you didn't watch the fight, find the results, or read below, Zab Judah's comeback fight in Tunica, MS, ended in a no-contest that took forever to actually sort out a little over a minute into the first round. An incidental something-or-other busted Ruben Galvan open near the hairline -- if you've ever seen a cut near the hairline, you know that it tends to pump blood out very quickly.

Judah's gigantic entourage flooded the ring after the fight was stopped, and the two sides bickered or argued or something, preventing referee Keith Hughes from getting the official word in. Several minutes after the fight was waved off, we actually got the no-contest announcement.

Judah was clearly going to defeat Galvan as everyone knew he would, and the cut may have opened up on an uppercut. I thought it looked like that was, indeed, the case. But it doesn't matter -- Judah didn't need half of Brooklyn in his corner for this fight, and he certainly didn't need them in the ring. Judah's entourage was roughly one-third the size of the audience in Tunica.

Zab now will move on to face WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto in June. If the old Zab Judah shows up, it's going to be a fight. If the Zab Judah from the Baldomir fight shows up, Cotto's going to send him tumbling. Either way, Judah remains one of my absolute least fighters, someone I can't help but root against. I'm no Mayweather fan, but I reveled in seeing Floyd dispose of Judah last April. Hopefully, Cotto will knock Judah out and send him away from big-time boxing for good. Cotto/Judah doesn't belong on pay-per-view, but then neither does tomorrow night's card.

Zab Judah is still Zab Judah. Nothing's changed.

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