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Dates set for Klitschko/Brewster II, Tarver, Margarito/Williams

June 9: Antonio Tarver's comeback fight with Elvir Muriqi is rescheduled and moved to Showtime, co-featured with Chad Dawson's first title defense against an as-yet-unnamed opponent. Head-to-head with the Cotto/Judah PPV, I think I'll let Kevin and Matt put the money down for their boy Cotto, and cover the Tarver/Dawson show myself. I want to see Cotto obliterate Judah as bad as anyone could, but I'm starting to waver on whether or not that actually happens. When you dislike Judah as much as I do, you sometimes forget how good he CAN be, and he should probably be aware that this could be the last shot he gets for a long time. Showtime

July 7: Wladimir Klitschko faces Lamon Brewster in an attempt to erase the final demon, since he probably won't get a chance to wipe the mat with Corrie Sanders. Dr. Wlad is a huge favorite again, but he was the favorite last time. Remember, Klitschko pounded Brewster until he tired himself out. That probably isn't in the cards for Brewster this time around. HBO

July 14: Antonio Margarito and Paul Williams finally face off, part of a split site HBO presentation with Gatti's HBO return/farewell at Boardwalk Hall. Gatti still doesn't have an announced opponent, and Lovemore N'dou isn't in the running, as he's scheduled to fight Paulie Malignaggi on B.A.D. in June. I'm looking for Williams to end the Margarito hype machine in triumphant, knockout fashion. HBO

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