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An apology and some news...

We here at strive to cover boxing as best we can by providing an honest look at the sport.  Unfortunately, as of late updates to the site have been...well...non-existent.  There have been a host of issues (which I will not be getting into) that have distracted us from the site but we will be trying to get things back on track.  Let me say to those of you who stop by our little site that we appreciate it, and we are sorry for the lull in coverage.

Now...on to the news (and lately a lot of it ain't pretty):

  • Mike Tyson was supposed to be working Sultan Ibragimov's corner this Saturday night as Ibragimov takes on Shannon Briggs.  However, due to his pending drug charges, Tyson was not granted permission to leave the state of Arizona.  He may apply for approval to travel out of town (which he has been granted for his daughter's graduation tonight) but his application to leave the state for the fight was incomplete and as such the travel was not approved.  I find the idea of Tyson working fighter's corners to be interesting.  If he could ever get his head on straight he could be a mentor to a young fighter some day, showing him the things NOT to do and trying to lead him down the right path.  Tyson is also well known as a dedicated student of the fight game.  Maybe somewhere down the road Mike Tyson as a cornerman may be his ticket to some degree of salvation.
  • Boxing hall of famer and Olympic silver medalist Michael Carbajal was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a police officer as well as a liquor violation.  He was later released on bail.
  • Have I mentioned that I can not stand Zab Judah?  This past week a conference call between Judah and members of the media was scheduled to discuss next weekend's bout with Miguel Cotto.  Some of the reporters noticed that something was off and contacted Cotto's publicist who checked in with the Judah camp only to find out that it was not Zab on the call, but rather his father.  Moral of the story: Zab Judah is a dickhead.
  • Roy Jones Jr. is on the comeback path baby!  Return to glory!  THIS IS SPARTA!  Disclaimer: Roy's recently announced next fight is with relative unknown Anthony "Tyger" Hanshaw (21-0-1 14 KO).  And um...Yeah...Jones arrived to the press conference 45 minutes late...and sure...he text messaged for a large portion of the media event.  BUT HE'S BACK BABY!
  • Manny Pacquiao did not win a spot on the congress in his home of the Philippines, conceding defeat this past Sunday.
  • George Foreman is now claiming (in his recently published memoirs) that he was drugged before the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" which led to his fatiguing.  Foreman claims that his trainer gave him some water before the fight that "tasted like medicine" and the taste was lingering in his mouth during the fight.  So that means it is time the yearly "throw shit at Muhammad Ali's name to see what sticks."  I don't really want to get into my thoughts because they'll tend to drift toward the "Foreman is a moron" line of thinking.  So I'll leave it at this:  if George knew there was something wrong with the water ("I almost spit it out ... [I told my trainer] 'Man, I know this water has medicine in it'") why did he finish drinking it?  Why not spit it out?  Personally I think that George just likes to get his name out there in the news every now and again (he's still bringing up his eventual return for a title shot).

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