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TONIGHT! Rahman v. Sykes on Vs.

There's a Kid Diamond/Miguel Huerta fight going on right now. I wasn't planning to score tonight, but this fight has been good enough to change my mind. Huerta is beating Diamond right now, just starting to beat him up in the seventh round. It's been a rugged fight. Excellent stuff so far. Just great shots from Huerta.

Rahman's return to the ring is somewhat important, taking on Taurus "The Bull" Sykes, a 32-year old Brooklyn product with a 25-3-1 record. Rumors are that if Rahman wins tonight, he could face Joe Mesi before the year is out.

Diamond/Huerta has been a slugfest. If you get a chance to catch one of the 1,000 replays on the Vs. Network this week, check it out. I've never been huge on Diamond, and Huerta is exposing his weaknesses, as well as showing some real toughness of his own.

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