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Another step forward in Mayweather/Hatton talks

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

It is now being reported that Hatton promoter Dennis Hobson has offered Floyd Mayweather, Jr., $10 million to fight Hatton in England.

That's a hell of an offer, but I have two questions: Didn't Ricky Hatton want to fight in the States from now on? Why does he deserve home field against Mayweather? Hatton stands to gain a lot more from this than Floyd does.

Floyd recently said to USA Today, "I was at home chilling, peacefully. I wasn't paying attention. But that's easy money, so why not go get it?"

While Mayweather feels as though Hatton disrespected him to get his attention and to get the media's attention, I think it's very clear that Mayweather legitimately has no respect for Hatton's in-ring abilities.

Floyd knows how to sell a fight now, that's for sure. And Ricky Hatton is the sort of working class hero that could do more than his share in making sure people pay for this fight. Personality-wise, they match up even better than Floyd and Oscar did in terms of being able to sell their at-odds stories. Hatton gets fat between training camps and hangs out with kids in the gym. Mayweather doesn't live a day of his life not looking like he's in boxing shape, and he probably has shoes that cost as much as Hatton's entire wardrobe.

Really, it's a perfect combination as far as marketability goes. I still don't think the fight reveals anything more than Mayweather's superiority, but I'm pretty much in for this one, and I really hope we get to see it.

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