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Former British Heavyweight Champion Shot in the Face

James Oyebola, British heavyweight champion from '94 to '96 (the B.B.B. of C. belt), was shot in the face and leg yesterday because he asked a couple guys to put out their cigarettes. That's right--another sad (and strange) tale from the world of boxing. Oyebola is virtually unknown in the U.S., having seldom fought outside the U.K. and never having faced name brand competition.

Oyebola, a huge man at 6'9", had been working as a bouncer at a club in London, which means the guy was simply doing his job, asking these unknown attackers to put out their butts. The three men who fled have yet to be found, and Oyebola remains hospitalized and critically ill.

Update (by SC): Oyebola has been declared brain dead by doctors, and his life support machine will be turned off on Friday, allowing his family and friends a final day to pay their last respects. This is a horrible story to have to report.

The Bad Left Hook team sends our respects and best wishes to James Oyebola and his loved ones.

"Big Bad" James Oyebola: 1961-2007

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