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Vargas vs. Mayorga Bout Is Off

This just in (as if we really had a news ticker for this blog). The Vargas vs. Mayorga fight scheduled for September 8th is officially not happening--at least in the near future.

Vargas' nutritionist and conditioning coach Robert Ferguson had this to say about why the fight is off:

"In short, the doctor says he has sores on his stomach and as a result his blood is a little low and advises him not to fight in 2 weeks. Further, based on what the doctor is saying, we would have to reduce training intensity and that's not good when you have 2 weeks to go and we are looking at a 12 round fight."

Canada's CBC Sports reports that Vargas has anemia and adds that it is "expected the fight will be rescheduled"--though they provide no confirmation as to the source, and no future dates have yet been mentioned.

I was mildly looking forward to the fight. Everyone knows Vargas and Mayorga's limitations as boxers, but it promised to be a fun trash-talking slugfest, if nothing else. I hope the fight is rescheduled, and I hope Vargas wins (and then actually retires, as promised).

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