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They're Falling Like Flies: Klistchko-McCline Off!

First it was Vargas-Mayorga, then it was Marquez-Juarez.  Now Vitali Klistchko's comeback bout against Jameel McCline has been canceled.  Klistchko suffered a back injury during training, and, apparently, the injury was so serious it required immediate surgery.  I haven't really read anything else about it, but something tells me that Vitali will never fight again.  

So that's three pretty big fights that have been canceled (well, at least Vargas-Mayorga was postponed) in less than a month.  I'm dying here!  It doesn't seem like anything significant is going to happen until Taylor-Pavlik at the end of the month.  Hopefully all these big fights in the fall will be worth the wait.

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