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Taylor unimpressed with Pavlik

I love juicy, pre-fight quotes as much as anyone. Maybe more than most. But Jermain Taylor's words about Kelly Pavlik don't really seem like they're meant to sell this fight or anything of the sort. They just seem like he's being totally honest.

"I know I'm supposed to be saying he's a good fighter and all that, but he's not. I don't see it. I don't see him doing nothing. The only thing I see of him is he's strong, he's a strong fighter. But other than that, he's nothing. I'm not saying I'm the ultimate fighter doing all these things, but he just doesn't excite me."

"I'm glad the hype is there, but I just don't see it and don't see him on my level."

As I said a couple days ago, this is a fight I'm very intrigued by, and one where I think Taylor really has something to prove to the public after his last two showings. It looks like Taylor knows that, and his team does, too. Lou DiBella said, "He has Hall of Fame potential, but he has to get by Kelly Pavlik to do that. A lot's at stake in terms of Jermain's legacy and public perception, and Jermain knows that."

As for Pavlik, he's shaking it off. "I love it. He's expecting one thing and that's not what he's going to get. That's more of an advantage to me if that's what he thinks."

A lot of people do seem to be picking Pavlik to win, knowledgeable fight fans all over the place. I like his chances just fine, but as sour as I am on Taylor's recent fights, counting him out is downright foolish. The guy can fight. He's the middleweight champion for a damn good reason.

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