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Oh, good: Ruiz challenges Peter

Former heavyweight champion John Ruiz, a favorite of us all, has "called out" Samuel Peter and offered to replace Oleg Maskaev on October 6th at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm more than willing, able and ready for him."

How about just say no, Sam? This is not a case of Samuel Peter needing a fight. Samuel Peter has earned the fight with Maskaev, twice, and he also had to go through all kinds of crap with the obnoxious Vitali Klitschko (who last actually showed up for a fight in 2004) camp just to get a date set. And even then, the date kept getting moved. And now, with Maskaev hurt, it's been postponed again.

Peter's team has said that they want an interim title fight since they've had to endure so much garbage just to get what is rightfully theirs, a shot at Maskaev's belt. But with Ruiz? John Ruiz hasn't earned anything. And he's a "dangerous" fight simply because October 6th is so close, Peter hasn't trained for him, and even good heavyweights can be neutralized in effectiveness by Ruiz's endless slow dancing.

Let's just hope this doesn't come about. I have no desire to ever see Ruiz again, let alone in a fight that has any major implications.

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