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Marquez vs. Juarez Bout is off -- apparently, permanently.

The September 15th bout between Juan Manuel Marquez and Rocky Juarez is off, for good it seems. Apparently, Marquez suffered a cut on his hand during training that got infected and swelled his hand up pretty bad.

De La Hoya, who promotes Marquez through Golden Boy, issued the following statement: "The safety of our fighters comes first and it's too bad that Juan Manuel got hurt after training so hard for this fight. We are having him come to Los Angeles this weekend for further evaluation and treatment by a specialist."

No word on it being rescheduled, not even a hint of it, so it looks like this is off for good, and what's worse, the entire card is off too--a card featuring Kassim Ouma versus Sergio Mora, the IBF featherweight title fight between Robert Guerrero and Martin Honorio, as well as Francisco Bojado against Steve Forbes. It was a strong card that many of us were looking forward to.

Our stellar fall line up of fights just got less stellar. There is still a lot to look forward to, obviously, but now we'll have to wait until the end of September for anything really hot (Taylor vs. Pavlik and Berto vs. Estrada).

Bad Left Hook wishes Marquez a speedy recovery, and we hope Oscar can put together another compelling card soon.

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