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Holyfield, Tyson talking about a third fight

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In an interview with Boxing Talk, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson expressed his desire to stage a third fight with Evander Holyfield. Holyfield, in another interview with the site, didn't brush it off.

Others are talking about it. Roy Jones, Jr., was asked the other day about it. To be quite blunt, is everyone on fucking dope?

Who would pay to see this circus? Who would want to see it? Two complete and total has-beens fighting is not something I'm interested in, sorry.

I've never really gone entirely into my feelings on Tyson, but if he's talking about getting back into the sport, I guess I might as well. Otherwise, someone might wonder why I don't give this fight any hype if it does, indeed, actually happen.

Mike Tyson is a loathsome human being that I cannot in good conscience want to be associated with the sport of boxing. A lot of people truly love Tyson, but those feelings, I have to suspect, are clouded by what he was as a young man. He was a phenomenal fighter and attraction, a brilliant powerhouse heavyweight that was really unlike anything we'd ever seen. He had it all, briefly. Power, speed, defense, an intimidation factor that was off the charts.

He is a convicted rapist. I'm all for giving people second chances in life, and I agree that he served his time and all that jazz. I'm not talking about continuing to judge the man, although I pose this question: If he weren't at one time a great fighter, would anyone be so quick to essentially forgive him for a heinous crime?

He's not someone to be admired. He's an unstable man whose transgressions are very well-known. I don't want to see him associated with boxing, because I don't really want to talk about him.

I'm not trying to be high and mighty, but I really don't understand the continuing fascination with Mike Tyson and wanting him to be a "good guy." He has proven time and again that he's not.

Now, I wish Tyson nothing but happiness in his life. It would be wonderful if he could beat his demons and come out on top, and live the rest of his days with peace. I root for Tyson, but he's a fool's bet.

As for Holyfield, I just want for Evander to get out of the ring. There's nothing left for him to do or prove.

And a fight between the two is hardly anything notable. Holyfield twice dominated Tyson, and in the second fight, of course, Tyson became further infamous for the ear-biting incident.

It is a morbid curiosity, and nothing more, that would explain anyone wanting to pay money to see Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield fight each other in 2008. I hope this is the last time we discuss this, excepting an official report that no one will stage this disaster-in-waiting. The very idea borders on madness.

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