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Moving Dates: Hopkins-Calzaghe, Cotto-Gomez, Margarito-Judah

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Roy and Tito made weight and everything is a go for tonight. I may or may not go over to a friend's house to watch the fight -- may not because though he asked if I wanted to watch it on his 50-inch plasma, he might expect me to pay for it. Not happenin'.

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Fight #1: Bernard Hopkins v. Joe Calzaghe
Current Date: April 12, HBO PPV
Proposed Move: April 19, HBO

Richard Schaefer says HBO has offered $6 million for the fight, which would be enough to move it from PPV to regular HBO, a very welcome decision if it goes through. Hopkins-Calzaghe is a huge fight and one I look forward to and would most likely order, but if money was tight right then? I could live without it. It's not going to be a barnburner or anything.

Fight #2: Miguel Cotto v. Alfonso Gomez
Current Date: April 26, HBO
Proposed Move: April 12, HBO

The date move is almost certain, particularly if HBO does decide to slot Hopkins-Calzaghe back a week. But the fight isn't totally done yet, with money issues holding it up. This is pretty much par for the course. I can't imagine Cotto-Gomez not going off.

Fight #3: Antonio Margarito v. Zab Judah
Current Date: April 26, HBO
Proposed Move: May 3, SHO

So, OK -- Oscar de la Hoya wants to fight May 3 on HBO, and Showtime holds a championship boxing card on the first Saturday of every month. What do they do? Go out and try to get a quality fight between two stars.

Boxing Scene is being told by "numerous sources" that Oscar is looking to tap former "Contender" participant Steve Forbes as his tune-up opponent. Forbes had most recently turned down a proposal to fight welterweight stud prospect Andre Berto on February 9, saying he wanted to stay at 140 and fight for a title. I would imagine a payday against and chance to beat Oscar de la Hoya would make Stevie bend his own rules a little bit.

Would you watch Oscar-Forbes or Margarito-Judah? Gotta be honest, with all respect to star power, give me the fight on Showtime. If those two bouts go head-to-head on May 3, I'll be doing Margarito-Judah round-by-round here.

I considered Steve Forbes when talking about potential opponents for de la Hoya's tune-up fight, but didn't think Oscar would see Forbes as an attractive opponent. He's unlikely to provide a very exciting match and most would see him as a patsy to an extreme degree. I'm not saying Stevie Forbes can't fight; he can. He's a good boxer. But he's really undersized for the divisions above 140. I have no unidentified sources to back me up, but this seems like a bum rumor to me.

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