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Rumor: Victor Ortiz wails on Oscar in camp

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Box_fw_vicortiz05_200_medium Source: Manila Standard Today

Rumors out of training camp are that Golden Boy 140-pounder Victor Ortiz (22-1-1, 17 KO) "beat up" Oscar de la Hoya while helping Oscar prepare for his December 6 bout with Manny Pacquiao.

Hey, take it with a grain of salt, but it's interesting for a few reasons. One, Ortiz is a heck of a prospect, and in the long run, this sparring with Oscar will be good for him.

For another, if the 140-pound, fresh-legged Ortiz is really beating up on de la Hoya, that could be trouble for Oscar. Ortiz can punch and he's definitely bigger than Manny (Ortiz is about 5'9" with a sturdy frame that's easily carried 140 as a pro), but Manny has a lot more speed than Ortiz.

Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach, though, has said that Manny has had some trouble dealing with 154-pound sparring partner Rashad Holloway, so it's all in the name of the game.

Really, it's more something to gab about than anything truly important, but it's decent gab fare.