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ESPN to drop Wednesday Night Fights?

220c6d07e44081e6e856c965f5918f41Rick Reeno of is reporting that "multiple sources" have revealed that Disney, the parent company of ESPN, has made the order to drop Wednesday Night Fights from the schedule, leaving the sports leader with just one boxing show, Friday Night Fights.

Reeno also reports that it's likely that the budget for WNF will be moved to FNF, which would mean a chance to upgrade cards.

Honestly? As much as I hate to say it, this is probably a good thing in that regard. Friday Night Fights could get better main events this way. It's not that there aren't good fighters who would love the ESPN exposure, it's that they generally can't afford to put two of them in the same main event, considering for much of the seasons of both programs, they're running two shows per week.

And to be further honest, with the general quality of the shows, I don't watch either all that regularly. I love boxing, I'm an incurable fan of the sport. But I can find better things to do most nights, because there's very limited appeal.

If this is the way for ESPN to put on better cards, then I'm all for it. But if it winds up being one mediocre show a week, one that any boxing fan can skip or DVR and not feel bad about fast forwarding through most of it, then that's another story.

It's not official yet, anyway. But that's the rumor.

Friday Night Fights, for the record, makes its season premier on January 2.

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