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MMA Nation segment featuring yours truly


I was a guest Saturday evening on Luke Thomas' MMA Nation radio show on 106.7 WJFK-CBS, and if you missed it live, you can listen with the player below. We talked about Calzaghe-Jones, boxing's popularity around the world and Oscar-Manny.


I am, at most points, almost hopelessly out of breath as I valiantly battle a minor chest cold that had me doing my best to not cough. It also probably doesn't help that my medication was a stiff Elijah Craig and Coke, but that's the risk you take when deciding to be an idiot. Moments after my appearance, I downed a five-hour energy shot to be in competent shape for the round-by-round call. Continuing on the Craig-and-Coke path, I was dead tired by the time the fights were finished. I left it all on the laptop. Truly, I am a hero. I defy you to question my guts when it comes to watching TV and typing at the same time.

Next time I'm on, which I hope will be in about a month when Oscar and Manny tangle, I think I'll probably be a little less scattered. I'm already in training camp, and it's going really well. The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

Thanks again to Luke for having me on, and don't forget to check out Bloody Elbow if you have any interest in MMA. The whole staff over there is fantastic and do a great job on the daily of covering the sport.

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