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Mondays with Boxers: November 17, 2008

The weather outside is frightful, dudes. I am a huge, huge fan of Christmas, so I'm getting psyched. This may come as no surprise, but I'm a huge dork.


"It's all about getting your confidence back up. The more fights you win, the more confidence you get. I feel like this fight was a confidence builder. Jeff is the hardest-hitting guy I know. If I can take his punches, I know I've still got it." -- Jermain Taylor, who easily outpointed friend Jeff Lacy on Saturday Night (

"The referee did a great job of not calling a knockdown. It was a slip. He stepped on my toe and I slipped." -- Taylor, singing the praises of Laurence Cole

"It was a knockdown; he went down when I hit him. He's a good friend outside of the ring. I thought it was a close fight, especially if they counted the knockdown." -- Jeff Lacy, who was outlanded 213-75 and raised his arms in victory just before Taylor's name was read as the winner, despite being told by his trainer numerous times he was losing the fight (

"If they want us, we will be happy to go to Wales. Joe's the man." -- Taylor's promoter Lou DiBella, on fighting Joe Calzaghe

"But I don't know about going to Wales. Maybe he should come back here." -- Taylor

"This is the best I ever felt after a fight. I am so proud of myself -- not like in the Kelly fights, where I half-assed it." -- Taylor


"I was very impressed with the fight. Next year, it will be a great fight in Britain or Germany, in a big stadium." -- WBC heavyweight beltholder Vitali Klitschko, talking fight with David Haye (AP)

"I don't mind if it is Wladimir or Vitali. He and his brother are the best in the world. That's why I want to fight these guys." -- David Haye


"They said I was too old when I was 34 and was getting ready to fight Mike Tyson for the first time." -- 46-year old Evander Holyfield, who will fight 7-foot titlist Nikolai Valuev in Switzerland next month (

"Just imagine a 46-year-old guy being heavyweight champ of the world?" -- Holyfield, who one year ago asked us to imagine a 45-year old guy heavyweight champ, before being dominated by Sultan Ibragimov

"I'm taking this fight very seriously. Holyfield is a strong opponent." -- the respectful Nikolai Valuev


"Hey, I love this. I love boxing. I love training." -- Oscar de la Hoya, whose eyes apparently "sparkled" as he said this (AP)

"I see other guys in here, my sparring partners or other guys just training here, and I'll see them sitting down between rounds and drinking water. And I say to myself, `What the heck is that?' I would never do that." -- Oscar, who definitely never showed up out of shape to fight an opponent he overlooked

"Welterweight is natural for me. Now we just have to maintain for three weeks. No tamales, nothing like that. I even have to skip Thanksgiving. It's a tough life." -- Oscar, who says he feels stronger and faster cutting down to 147


"I feel very happy. I thank God for the opportunity to fight for the IBO title. Next I want Bernard Hopkins." -- Sakio Bika, who blew out Peter Manfredo on Thursday. Good luck getting Hopkins. (AP)

"You can't play at this. He needs to stop drinking. Period." -- Floyd Mayweather, Sr., on Ricky Hatton's noted weight gains and drinking between fights (Daily Mail via

"That ain't going to happen. I'm 30 years old and I still go down to the pub with the lads." -- Ricky Hatton, who is 30 years old and still goes down to the pub with the lads

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