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Haye now looking at Vitali, not Wladimir

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Vitali_682x400_657378a_medium Source: Sporting Life

Former cruiserweight champion and current heavyweight contender David Haye is setting his sights on WBC titlist Vitali Klitschko and not his multiple-body titleholder brother, Wladimir, according to Haye's manager, Adam Booth:

"At first they were talking about Wladimir, now they pull Wladimir out and offer me Vitali," Booth told Setanta Sports.

Booth added it was a case of either fighting the brother "with better punches and a weaker chin [Wladimir] or the one with the better chin but who has slowed considerably over the last few years [Vitali]."

Coming off of his destructive domination of Monte Barrett in London, which Vitali attended in an obvious set-up fashion, Haye may have to wait a bit. Vitali has been ordered by the WBC to fight mandatory challenger Juan Carlos Gomez, another former cruiserweight king. In the meantime, Haye could take another fight with a fringe contender to stay busy and hype even further.

Right now, I'd have to say that Haye versus either Klitschko brother will be the most legitimately anticipated heavyweight fight in years. Vitali has a rock solid chin, and watching Haye try to chop him down could be extremely compelling.

One thing seems certain: unless something catastrophic happens, Haye and a Klitschko will battle in 2009. That's good news for the division and for boxing in general. Haye has massive star potential as a charismatic, brash, big-punching, genuinely exciting heavyweight. His being English won't hamper him in the States, either; this guy, if all goes right, could be a major star. He has some obstacles, of course, and he seems intent on taking them head-on. That's another thing to like.

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