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Fernando Guerrero ready to fight again

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Fernandoguerrero4_medium Source: Delmarva Now!

Fernando Guerrero first really caught my eye, and I'm sure the eyes of many, when he fought on ShoBox in October. It wasn't even just that he fought well, or fought hard for eight rounds. It was also that that night in Salisbury, Maryland, it was hometown boy Guerrero that had drawn the big crowd that jumped out of their seats for every flurry coming from the Dominican-born southpaw. When a fighter this young can fill a building in a place not known for great boxing popularity, you might have something special.

It's all grassroots stuff, but if successful, Guerrero has the type of appeal that makes him a draw. And at middleweight, he's big enough to get past the small guy bias that still exists for mainstream audiences.

He also fought last Saturday at Vanderbilt, opening the night on the Taylor-Lacy card, knocking out Gevonte Davis in the second round.

Now, on short notice, he's going down to Mississippi to fight again. Guerrero (11-0, 10 KO) will fight Ernesto Zamora (16-16, 12 KO) just one week after knocking out Davis with ease.

Guerrero is happy about the quick turnaround, as well. He is still in a fighting mindset, and he doesn't have to go through the month-long process of training that usually leads to a fight.

"It's even better," Guerrero said, "because now I don't need to train for a whole month for this guy. I'm just ready to go. It's like I never fought on Saturday."

It's not a big fight, and he's still learning the sport. But I'll tell you, this guy is on my short list for prospects right now. He's hungry, he fights like it, and he takes fights like he is, too.

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