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Iole: Oscar-Manny on track to do 1.5 million buys

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Yahoo's Kevin Iole touched on the expected PPV numbers for the Oscar de la Hoya-Manny Pacquiao fight in his latest mailbag:

Indications are that the pay-per-view result will be around 1.5 million buys, which is a phenomenal number. It’s a tribute not only to De La Hoya’s ability to sell, but it points out the widespread popularity that Pacquiao has obtained. This guy isn’t popular just among his countrymen in the Philippines.

Some people were talking two million last week, but I said on MMA Nation with Luke Thomas on Saturday evening before the fight I expected 1.3-1.5 million, and that's looking likely.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Oscar's fight with Floyd Mayweather did 2.4 million; this number is a great, great success. For one thing, Pacquiao came into this known, you have to remember, mostly to just diehard boxing fans. Mayweather, an American, was certainly more widely known in the States. It was also a far better economy in May 2007.