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Medina's agent believes the fighter is mentally ill

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As we talked about earlier, Sergio Medina claimed he took a dive after receiving death threats last Saturday, and of course the story is developing since it's no laughing matter.

Now Medina's U.S. agent, Sampson Lewkowicz, is saying he believes Medina may have "a mental sickness":

"I don't accuse Sergio Medina of being a liar. What he says is too big to be called a lie. I accuse of him of most likely having a sickness. Besides him losing his heart on the first punch, I believe the man is sick. ... On Monday I will be in Argentina ... and ask for the commission in Buenos Aires to suspend Medina to evaluate his state of mind. ... He committed [career] suicide with this story."

Lewkowicz says he was between the fighters at the weigh-in and that Team Lopez conducted themselves very professionally, and the only thing said to Medina was a wishing of good luck from the WBO officials.