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Pacquiao forces Oscar to quit after eight one-sided rounds

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.



Manny Pacquiao: 224/585, 38%
Oscar de la Hoya: 83/402, 21%

Pacquiao landed 59% of his 333 power punches.

And after eight one-sided rounds, Oscar de la Hoya quit on his stool, advised by trainer Nacho Beristain and warned by referee Tony Weeks that the end was near.


It wasn't just a beating. It was an eight-round assault. Manny Pacquiao slaughtered Oscar de la Hoya. He made a very tough, very proud man quit. He forced Oscar de la Hoya to QUIT.

Oscar not only couldn't pull the trigger, he came to this fight unarmed. The speed was too much. The power was too much. The movement, the footwork, the gameplan -- everything was way too much for Oscar de la Hoya. David Diaz was closer to being in the fight against Manny Pacquiao than was Oscar de la Hoya.

Manny Pacquiao so thoroughly dominated Oscar de la Hoya that it made Joe Calzaghe's beating of Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins' whooping of Kelly Pavlik look like child's play.

His punches landed at will. He pinned the taller man against the ropes repeatedly and battered him mercilessly. And Oscar de la Hoya, at 35, had zero answers for the hurricane that is Manny Pacquiao. Absolutely none at all.

Manny and Ricky

Let me tell you something. I like Ricky Hatton. When Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton lock up in 2009 -- and they are going to, we all know that's next -- Manny Pacquiao right now should be favored to flatten Hatton. On paper, that fight is no longer even close, if you ask me.

But then again, how much of this is pro-Pacquiao, and how much of the result of this fight should be considered anti-Oscar? Oscar was terrible tonight. It was without any question the worst performance of Oscar's wonderful, Hall of Fame career.


"My heart still wants to fight, that's for sure, but when your physical doesn't respond, what can you do?"

We'll have more tomorrow evening. For now, all Pacquiao fans revel in the victory. My head picked Oscar; my head was way wrong. My heart was with Manny, the man who could come out of this fight and keep helping boxing for years and years.

He's done it. Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter on the planet, and Larry Merchant put it best: "Manny Pacquiao is a fire that can't be put out."

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