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For Your Consideration: Thomas Mashaba v. Cristobal Cruz

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This fight took place on March 7 on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights. Mashaba came in 20-1-4, on a 10-fight winning streak that spanned 2003-2007. All 10 of those fights took place in his native South Africa, so American and even European fans had never gotten to see much of Mashaba at all. His only other fight outside of South Africa was a split decision loss to Sod Looknongyangtoy in Thailand in '03, his lone career defeat.

Cruz we were more familiar with, a 30-year old vet that had been around the block enough to earn a 35-11-1 pro record coming into the fight in Mashantucket.

It's a really good fight, and will be part of our year-end top 20 countdown, which will be up sometime later in the month, obviously. Rounds one and two are in this first video, and the rest can be seen here.