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KO of the Day: Nate Campbell v. Robbie Peden

Nate Campbell was crowned as the unrecognized but wholly legitimate lightweight king on Saturday night with his upset win over Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz, turning in a career-defining performance that established him, finally, as a champion instead of just a contender.

The 36-year old Campbell started his career late, and has found pretty great success that few could have expected in his pro trials. He has long been known by his opponents as a hell of a fighter. Ask Joel Casamayor, who will tell you that Campbell was the hardest puncher he's ever faced, and Casamayor has faced plenty of great fighters.

Robbie Peden will also tell you how hard Campbell punched. If you don't know about the fight in question, you might expect that means Campbell knocked him out.

On the contrary -- witness one of the truly braindead, stupid moments in boxing. Nate Campbell invites Peden to hit him in an act of machismo.

Be careful what you wish for.

What the hell were you thinking, Nate?

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