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Pacquiao remains the favorite against Marquez

The Las Vegas odds continue to put Manny Pacquiao as the favorite in his rematch against Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The odds have remained steady at -230 for Pacquiao, with Marquez at +190. For those unfamiliar with betting odds, that simply means that a $230 winning bet on Pacquiao would give you $100, while a $100 winning bet on Marquez nets you $190.

But this is probably one of the worst possible bets out there, either way. Unless you have some kind of inside information that amounts to more than "Manny is in good shape!" this seems like one where you should stay away. This isn't a fight with a truly heavy favorite, and it's not one where the underdog is a sleeper. This is a straight-up clash of big-time, real deal fighters.

If you can say you're 100% confident in the winner of Marquez-Pacquiao II, then God be with you, but one day from the fight and I'm still struggling mightily to pick a winner. Right now, my gut just says Marquez in a close decision in a great fight, but my gut has certainly been wrong before.

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