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KO of the Day: Jason Estrada v. Jerry Simpson

27-year old Jason "Big Six" Estrada is a former Olympian who will now be headlining Friday NIght Fights on April 4, taking on veteran puncher Lance "Mount' Whitaker in a fight that is just begging for the prospect to fall.

This KO of Jerry Simpson in 2005 was Estrada's second pro fight, and his first knockout. Since his 2-0 (1) start, he's gone 9-1 with a no contest and just one more KO, against James Northey last year. At 6'1" and generally around 240-250 pounds, Estrada looks like a guy that should pack a bigger punch. He just isn't.

If anyone is curious about Simpson, his first two fights as a pro were against Chris Morris, also Morris' first two pro fights. And then he fought once more before taking on Estrada. Simpson was 34 years old at the time, with a 1-1-1 record. He currently stands at 2-12-1, age 37.

I'm picking the aging, 6'8" Whitaker to cream Estrada on April 4 and effectively end any slight chance of becoming a real heavyweight force that Estrada still clings to. It's not that I have anything against him, he just doesn't have it, you know?

This KO, though, was a beauty.

As for the aforementioned Chris Morris, he fought just three fights -- two against Simpson, and then one against Paolo Vidoz, getting knocked out at 2:22 in Madison Square Garden, before he called it a career.

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