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KO of the Day: Antonio Tarver v. Roy Jones, Jr.

I give Antonio Tarver enough guff that I think he deserves to have a moment in the sun.

Long before he was dismantled by Bernard Hopkins, was struggling to beat Elvir Muriqi, and was taking laughable (if they were funny) fights against Danny Santiago (after ducking the likes of Danny Green), Tarver did have one truly phenomenal night in his pro career, landing a great punch and knocking the legendary Roy Jones, Jr., the hell out.

Lots of people will tell you that Tarver "exposed" Jones, but I've never bought it. There are lots of feasible explanations for Jones' quick descent. Weight fluctuations, age, his style not lending itself to being an old fighter. But with all that said, Tarver knocked Roy Jones out. Bottom line.

If they fought tomorrow, I'd be picking Roy Jones to cream him. Ol' Mason Dixon here hasn't done anything in years.

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