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Diaconu-Henry update

A representative from Don King Promotions has informed me and I'm sure many others that a satellite failure is to blame for the disruption that caused the final two and a half rounds of the Adrian Diaconu-Chris Henry fight to go black yesterday afternoon.

It's really too bad, because it was a really competitive fight and a pretty entertaining one, to boot, and there it was for free. The DKP rep went on to say that they're working on obtaining the rights to the fight so they can put it up in full and let everyone see the end of the fight, if they so wish.

That's about the best they can do in this instance. These things are bound to happen, and as much as it sucked, it just sort of is what it is. Webcasts aren't the most reliable thing in the world.

I still absolutely love the concept. Lots of people complain about promoters and about Don King in particular, and God knows I've taken a few shots at him. But this is really an instance where a promoter is giving back to fans. And there are so many fights from overseas and even in the States that the streaming webcast could cover that we'd otherwise not get to see live. It's something I really think everyone should get behind and try to fully support, because it's good for boxing in every way.

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