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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Gamboa-Jimenez, Kirkland-Albert, Angulo-Gutierrez

Join us tonight with HBO's Boxing After Dark for what promises to be an exciting and noteworthy night of fights. Three top prospects will face tests, and I think we have a good chance to see two upsets. Plus, seeing Yuriorkis Gamboa is always worthwhile.

Here's the lineup.

Yuriorkis Gamboa

Darling Jimenez
9-0 Record 23-2-2
8 KO 14
Miami, FL (Guantanamo, Cuba) Hometown Bronx, NY
5'5" Height 5'6"
Johnnie Edwards (TKO-1)
Adailton de Jesus (TKO-6)
Samuel Kebede (TKO-2)
Notable Wins Mike Anchondo (KO-3)
Jose Soto (KO-3)

Notable Losses Fernando Trejo (MD-8)
Miguel Huerta (MD-8)

James Kirkland

Eromosele Albert
21-0 Record 21-1
18 KO 10
Austin, TX Hometown Miami, FL (Lagos, Nigeria)
5'9" Height 6'0"
Allen Conyers (TKO-1)
Mohammad Said (KO-2)
Ossie Duran (UD-10)
Notable Wins Daniel Edouard (TKO-7)
Yori Boy Campas (UD-10)
David Banks (UD-10)

Notable Losses Julio Jean (UD-8)

Alfredo Angulo

Richar Gutierrez
12-0 Record 24-1
9 KO 14
Mexicali, Mexico Hometown Miami, FL (Arjona, Colombia)
5'10" Height 5'9"
Ricardo Cortes (KO-1)
Archak Ter Miliksetian (TKO-1)
Emmanuel Gonzalez (TKO-2)
Notable Wins Jose Varela (UD-10)
Luciano Perez (UD-10)
Teddy Reid (KO-4)

Notable Losses Joshua Clottey (MD-12)

Hey, you find a picture of Darling Jimenez. He'll have to live with what he gets.

Picks? Why not. Gamboa TKO early (first three rounds), Kirkland TKO-6 but he'll struggle with Albert, and Gutierrez in what I'd only consider a mild upset via decision over Angulo.

There are also two pay-per-view cards tonight, one topped by what should be a good fight between Cristian Mijares and Alexander Munoz, and the other with Jorge Arce against a scrub he should knock out in a round or two in an alleged eliminator. I'm taking Munoz in a close scrap over Mijares.

But we'll be here for the HBO card, starting at 9:45 eastern. Join us and talk some boxing with your Saturday night.

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