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Report: Haye signs with Golden Boy

Uohaye109_medium Cruiserweight champion David Haye's plan to move up to heavyweight is in full swing, as the British star has signed with Golden Boy Promotions, according to The Sun. They are reporting that Golden Boy executives are still in England following their viewing of Ricky Hatton's Saturday fight in Manchester, looking to close the deal.

The talk has been of Haye facing ex-titlist Hasim Rahman, who has also been rumored to be in talks for another fight against disgraced and faded James Toney. Haye recently gave up his WBC cruiserweight strap, but will remain the Ring champion for the time being.

I like Haye-Rahman, as Rahman still has mild name recognition even though he's looked like a shot fighter. I'm not quite as keen on Haye as some of his more rabid fans are, though. I will almost guarantee this guy won't clean up the division, and that if he does run into Wlad Klitschko, he'll get his head taken off. I like David Haye a lot as a fighter, but he has some serious vulnerability issues.

Now if Haye could have landed a fight with Toney, I'd have loved to have seen that. Mostly to see Haye knock Toney out of the sport for good.


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