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More on Judah's injury, Mundine beats Soliman again


via Sydney Morning Herald

First off, the non-shocker of all non-shockers came about in Australia, with Anthony Mundine outpointing Sam Soliman for the third time, 116-112, 116-112, and 117-112. The decision was reportedly met by boos and protests from Soliman's corner, but so are lots of things. Sam is a more popular fighter than Mundine. It would hardly surprise me if the crowd just favored him because they like him more.


I wish Soliman were a better fighter than Mundine, but he isn't. If I could switch two guys' places in boxing, Soliman-Mundine would be near the top of my list.

Mundine is now talking about going down to 160 pounds, of course, and I guess I welcome it. He's doing nothing more than avoiding a second fight with Mikkel Kessler, but even if he won't publicly say it, we all know that's because he knows he can't beat Kessler. So maybe he moves down to middleweight ... to fight ... I don't know. He's not getting a fight with Kelly Pavlik (talks for Calzaghe-Pavlik at 168 in November are heating up), and I doubt he could land something with Winky Wright.

So who's he going to fight? The winner of Sturm-Griffin II?

The more interesting news story of the day comes from the Zab Judah camp. Rumors have leaked to ESPN's Dan Rafael that Judah's arm was not injured by accident from a shower door, but rather in an argument with his father, resulting in Judah purposely putting his arm through a shower door at the Top Rank gym in a "fit of rage." Rafael referred to it as a "temper tantrum," which is probably more apt when describing something of this sort from a man who is 30 years old.

Now instead of making $800,000 to fight Shane Mosley on pay-per-view, Judah is in line to fight Joshua Clottey for the vacant IBF welterweight title on Boxing After Dark on August 2. Really, it's more befitting of Judah's real place in the welterweight hierarchy that he'll be fighting Clottey and not Mosley. Poetic justice, sort of.

He'll also have a ready excuse if Clottey outpoints him, which is fairly likely.

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