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KO of the Day: Kelly Pavlik v. Jose Luis Zertuche

We're coming up fast on Kelly Pavlik's first middleweight title defense against Gary Lockett on June 7. It's time to celebrate Pavlik a little bit. If Lockett wins, new leader for Upset of the Year, and one not likely to be surpassed.

But it was really last year that most boxing fans got their first taste of Kelly Pavlik, and this was the first fight of his that many ever got to see. Pavlik faced Jose Luis Zertuche on January 27 in Anaheim on Boxing After Dark, the lead-in fight for the night's main event, a deadly dull snoozer between Jorge Arce and the man who refused to fight him, Argentinian Julio Ler.

Needless to say, Kelly Pavlik stole the show, as he would do again in May when he knocked out Edison Miranda beneath the crawl of Taylor-Spinks.

Zertuche was knocked out before the second punch ever landed (it's not the video's first knockdown):

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