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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Oscar de la Hoya v. Steve Forbes

10:00 PM ET - HBO
Ring Magazine No. 3 Ranked Junior Middleweight
(38-5, 30 KO, East Los Angeles, CA)
(33-5, 9 KO, Las Vegas, NV, by way of Portland, OR)


(Fast forward to about 05:25)

Both weighed in at the agreed limit of 150 pounds, though Oscar was a half pound over before he took off his shoes.

The only way Steve Forbes can win this fight is if he boxes the absolute, bar none, 100 percent, not a bad moment, fight of his natural born life. And Oscar has to make a lot of mistakes, too. We've seen Oscar screw the pooch in a fight like this before. One would assume he really does mean it when he says he won't let that happen again, but you just never know until the bell has sounded.

We'll be here with round-by-round coverage, scoring and BSing during the fight, so join us.

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