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In all fairness to the Judahs

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Zab Judah and his father, Yoel, have come back biting at Dan Rafael for reporting a rumor that was given to him by several unnamed sources close to the Judah camp, who said that Judah injured his arm and had to cancel the scheduled May 31 fight against Shane Mosley because of a "temper tantrum" leading to Judah putting his arm through glass, rather than an accident.

Zab called Rafael "a piece of s--t" and called the story "a lie." Yoel promised to sort things out with Rafael next he saw him, which I suppose most people are going to take as a threat of violence, which I doubt is the case. Yoel will talk to Dan; he might be hot about it, but they'll talk.

The thing is, Dan Rafael did nothing out of the ordinary here, and anyone that gets their arms up in the air about it or their knickers in a twist is doing so without really thinking. Rafael had sources who didn't wish to be named that gave him a story. He reported it. He did not report it as fact, or give the impression that HE knew the story.

But it is worth noting that Judah and his father have denied the claim, so there you go. They've denied it.