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Major changes coming to Bad Left Hook

I just wanted to let everyone know that there will be some major, major changes coming to Bad Left Hook on Thursday, May 8, and that it's all for the better.

A quick rundown:

It'll look something like this, except with our colors and logo.

You will have to "re-register," sort of -- what'll really happen is you'll be claiming your name and password, and that'll allow you to do the same on any other SB Nation blog. This is a necessary quick, minor pain in the ass.

There'll be a primer on the new site posted by one of our tech guys that'll explain everything to you, and if you end up having any questions, you can post comments in that thread and one of our techies or myself will be able to answer any questions. I'm already quite familiar with the new platform, so it'll be a pretty smooth transition, really.

Here's one of the things that's going to be awesome for us: During fight nights, the comment threads have live updating, sort of like a chat room. No refreshing necessary. All comment threads, in fact, will have live updating. It's really a killer feature, and I think you'll love it. It'll encourage discussion in a major way for live stuff.

There's going to be a calendar feature where the fight schedule will be moved. It's pretty cool, but I've only tinkered with it so far, so that might take a little while to get fully done.

I know some people aren't big on change, but believe me, it's all for the better. I didn't absolutely love it at first when I was using it on Camden Chat, but I do love it now.

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