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A few notes from me on the new BLH

Again, this change is all for the better.

Our sidebar schedule will be taking a backseat to the schedule feature in the toolbar near the top of the blog, which has a few kinks at the moment that we'll get worked out.

Use the FanShots feature heavily, and the FanPosts as well. If you see a cool photo or story or something that you want to bring to everyone's attention, then use the FanShots. If you want to share something more substantial with your own thoughts, use the FanPost.

As you've probably heard, Mosley-Judah has been postponed for the time being. Some are saying that Shane's wife is working to have it fully forgotten about, which could mean Shane would take an easier fight against Ricardo Mayorga and hope to fight Miguel Cotto again in the fall. But the official word from Richard Schaefer is they're working on securing a new date. I'm not the biggest fan of the Mosley-Judah matchup, especially as a PPV with that super weak undercard they'd put together, but it's sure to be a good fight, so here's hoping we still get to see it, unless something amazing comes up.

I also highly recommend using the "Wide" display in the top block on the left side, especially if you're on a large resolution monitor.

We're coming up on a nice "special" Shobox card on Saturday night, with Junior Witter taking on Timothy Bradley, and we'll take a look at that fight and the rest of the 140-pound division sometime later today.

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