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Peter's fight with Vitali set for October...for now

Source: Ticker via Yahoo!

While I wouldn't rush to buy a ticket for the show or anything, it's true: a tentative date has been set for the Samuel Peter-Vitali Klitschko WBC heavyweight title fight. It'll be in October, though the purse is still being negotiated and an exact date and venue are not yet set.

If Sam Peter is in shape and shows up at his best, as he did against Oleg Maskaev, then he should be able to handle Vitali Klitschko. Vitali was a hell of a fighter, but it's been four years and not so much as a tune-up fight. It's been four years and a handful of abandoned comeback attempts that couldn't make it through one training camp. Ring rust is going to be a major factor. Peter's inactivity, in comparison, makes him look like a once-a-month fighter.

I hope this goes through and gets settled and we can get it over with. If Vitali wins, then fine, whatever. But if Peter wins, then let's cut through all the B.S. and red tape and get to Peter-Wlad II. It's the only heavyweight fight anyone really wants to see.

In other news, 43-year old Jeff Fenech and 49-year old Azumah Nelson are going to fight for a third time. Hopefully no one gets hurt, the enjoy themselves, and they get a decent little payday out of it. I don't begrudge guys fights like this, but who wants to see them? Anybody? Bueller?

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