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Mundine at it again

Outspoken, always intentionally controversial super middleweight "titlist" Anthony Mundine has decided that not enough people are paying attention to his farce of a regional career, which continues with a third fight against Sam Soliman on May 28. In light of this, he has made the following, Bernard Hopkins-biting statement:

"I'm a Muslim and I can't allow myself to lose to a Christian."

Mundine (31-3, 23 KO) is an OK fighter, with a lopsided record built on wins over undeserving opposition. Remember the last time Mundine stepped up and fought a truly top-tier guy? Mikkel Kessler smoked him. Since then, the best fighter he's stepped into the ring with has been Danny Green, another OK fighter.

What's really the most bothersome thing about Mundine is not his beliefs. He's entitled to them. He's free to think however he wishes, as far as I'm concerned. But he manufactures these things so that he can get any attention past his local surroundings. Bernard Hopkins says outrageous things to sell major fights, doing it as a businessman. Mundine comes off desperate and pathetic. It's kind of sad, really.

He's also currently involved in a bitter war of words with ex-trainer Jeff Fenech. Fenech called Mundine's trilogy with Soliman "a farce," all while moving toward that fight with 49-year old Azumah Nelson. Mundine has challenged Fenech to meet him at middleweight. God help us all.

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