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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Sechew Powell v. Deandre Latimore

Pic8_medium Deandre_web_medium

23-1 Record 18-1
14 KO 15
Brooklyn, NY Hometown St. Louis, MO
29 Age 22
5'10" Height
Ishe Smith (UD-10)
Robert Frazier (UD-10)
Cornelius Bundrage (TKO-1)
Notable Wins Durrell Richardson (UD-10)

Kassim Ouma (UD-10) Notable Losses Ian Gardner (KO-3)

This is an ENORMOUS step up in competition for the STL-based Latimore, who has a nice record and KO rate, but has only fought two fighters with winning records, the listed Richardson (who was 10-0) and Gardner (who was 19-3 with losses to Chad Dawson, Arthur Abraham and Peter Manfredo, Jr.). And he's only 1-1 with 0 KO in those two fights.

I do think he has a chance, though. Powell has just never terribly impressed me. I thought the Ishe Smith fight was very debatable, and he was smoked by Ouma back in 2006. Powell's a good fighter, and he generally beats the crap out of guys who stack up paper to Latimore, but he should probably be fighting more accomplished competition than this, too. He's not getting any younger.

Anyway this should start shortly. The undercard has been going on and has been going on. Peter Quillin notably beat totally untested Dionisio Miranda via unanimous decision (97-93, 98-92, 98-92). He clearly won, though for a second fight in a row he seemed to lack killer instinct.

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