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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: Abraham-Miranda II

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

This is the type of fight that shouldn't require any hype. Their first fight -- which is going to be replayed again tonight at 6pm on Showtime -- was a war, with Abraham having his jaw broken in the fourth round and fighting on to a 12-round decision win anyway. A controversial, very close decision win, yes, but a win. It was the first loss of Miranda's career.

Though this fight won't be for Abraham's 160-pound title since it's being fought at a 166-pound catchweight, it's intriguing and feels necessary. Abraham and his team have been quoted as saying they simply do not like Miranda as a person, and Miranda seems to have little personal regard for Abraham either. But trash talker extraordinaire Miranda has shown begrudging respect for the toughness of King Arthur. How could he not?

Most feel that since Abraham is the better all-around fighter, he should have an easier time with Miranda so long as he doesn't have his jaw broken again. But Miranda is the epitome of a guy with a puncher's chance -- any shot could finish any fight. He's a monster puncher who looked a lot more disciplined in his January destruction of David Banks, finishing Banks with what amounted to the first good shot he landed in the fight, as he laid back and picked his spot in the third round.

Abraham has to be the favorite, but I think Miranda might just win this one on power. If he does, he's red-hot again. He'll always be in demand thanks to the way he fights, but a shot at a 168-pound title could await him should he win tonight. For Abraham, this is a first trip to the States, and like it or not, that means a chance at real stardom outside of Germany. He's a legit fighter; there is no doubt of that. But he's a virtual unknown over here. He'll get the chance to end that. And he does have the power to knock Miranda out.

The undercard fight is marginally interesting just because the winner gets Abraham next, which is scheduled tentatively for this fall. Lorenzo is totally unproven, but skilled. Marquez is just another 36-year old guy who is past his prime. His status as a former 154-pound titlist isn't all that amazing, since he didn't ever score a win over a great fighter. The three best fighters he's ever fought have all knocked him out. Even so, he's the best fighter Lorenzo has ever faced.

Card starts at 9pm on Showtime. Be here!




IBF Middleweight Titleholder
Ring Magazine No. 1 Middleweight Contender


26-0 Record 30-2
21 KO 26
Berlin, Germany (Yerevan, Armenia) Hometown Buenaventura, Colombia
28 Age 27
5'10" Height 6'0"
Sebastien Demers (KO-3)
Edison Miranda (UD-12)
Kingsley Ikeke (KO-5)
Notable Wins Allan Green (UD-10)
Willie Gibbs (KO-1)
Howard Eastman (TKO-7)
Notable Losses Kelly Pavlik (TKO-7)
Arthur Abraham (UD-12)


Ring Magazine No. 10 Middleweight Contender


26-0 Record 40-3-1
18 KO 29
Jeringa, Dominican Republic Hometown Houston, TX
27 Age 36
6'0" Height 5'10 1/2"
Sherwin Davis (TKO-3)
Bruce Rumbolz (TKO-3)
Robert Kamya (TKO-3)
Notable Wins Keith Mullings (SD-12)
Romallis Ellis (TKO-4)
Anthony Stephens (TKO-9)
Notable Losses Jermain Taylor (TKO-9)
Fernando Vargas (TKO-11)
Yory Boy Campas (TKO-8)

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