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Report: Alex Abraham kicks Miranda after fight

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Hyefighter_alex_abraham_medium Source: Boxing Scene

A lot of live reports are talking about this all over the place, but keep in mind this is all "if it's true" subject matter I'm going to discuss.

Alexander Abraham, the younger brother of Arthur Abraham, allegedly attacked Edison Miranda after Miranda had been knocked out by Arthur in Hollywood, Fla., last night. Boxing Scene says that Alex (also a pro boxer) kicked Miranda while ring doctors were trying to attend to the losing fighter, and that a scuffle broke out that also involved Randall Bailey, a friend of Miranda's.

Now, again, if it's true...

This is a disgusting, classless thing for Alexander Abraham to do. He should be ashamed of himself, and his brother should be ashamed of him, as well. Any fine levied by the commission would go against Arthur, who did nothing wrong by all reports. Alexander was taken away by security, it says.

In what was a great night for Arthur's career -- his first trip to the States was a rousing success, and he erased any possible doubt about his superiority to Miranda -- it would be a shame for it to be remembered because his idiot brother felt the need to assault a downed man who was receiving medical attention. I'm sure Edison said something in the hype to the fight that probably irked Alexander (and Arthur, for that matter), but grow up.

If it turns out that these are B.S. reports (though there are plenty flowing in), then disregard all that I've said about Alexander. Here's a photo of Alexander running into the ring to celebrate with Arthur after the fight was stopped:


via Yahoo! Sports / AP

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