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Bad Left Hook Fight Night: David Diaz v. Manny Pacquiao

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

For those not ponying up $49.99 for tonight's pay-per-view, you're in luck. We'll be covering all four fights, including the Diaz-Pacquiao main event for Diaz's WBC lightweight title. Even if you consider it a mismatch, this is a fight that promises action. Diaz is a straight-ahead fighter and we all know what Manny does.

The action starts at 9pm ET, assuming Comcast doesn't screw up (and this is always worth mentioning beforehand, because it wouldn't be the first, second, or third time). Live updates will take place in the comments section. Join us!


via Chris Cozzone/AFP/Getty Images

WBC Lightweight Titleholder
Ring Magazine No. 2 Rated Lightweight Contender
Ring Magazine Super Featherweight Champion
Ring Magazine No. 1 Rated Pound-for-Pound
34-1-1 Record 46-3-2
17 KO 35
Chicago, IL Hometown General Santos City, Philippines
32 Age 29
5'6" Height 5'6 1/2"
Erik Morales (UD-12)
Jose Armando Santa Cruz (TKO-10)
Jaime Rangel (TKO-9)
Notable Wins Juan Manuel Marquez (SD-12, D-12)
Marco Antonio Barrera (UD-12, TKO-11)
Erik Morales (KO-3, TKO-10)
Kendall Holt (TKO-8) Notable Losses Erik Morales (UD-12)
Medgoen Singsurat (KO-3)
Rustico Torrecampo (KO-3)

WBO Featherweight Titleholder
Ring Magazine No. 3 Rated Featherweight

35-1 Record 19-1
15 KO 14
Los Angeles, CA Hometown Ponce, Puerto Rico
27 Age 29
5'7" Height 5'7"
Terdsak Jandaeng (UD-12)
Antonio Davis (UD-12)
Nicky Cook (KO-11)
Notable Wins Daniel Attah (TKO-9)
Salvador Garcia (TKO-7)
Andres Ledesma (TKO-4)
Martin Honorio (UD-10) Notable Losses Hector Velazquez (TD-10)

Ring Magazine No. 4 Super Featherweight Contender
44-6-2 Record 32-4
28 KO 14
Tijuana, Mexico Hometown San Cristobal, Dom. Rep.
28 Age 36
5'7 1/2" Height 5'5"
Humberto Toledo (TKO-3)
Oscar Leon (TKO-9)
Rocky Juarez (UD-12)
Notable Wins Guadalupe Rosales (UD-10)
Cristobal Cruz (UD-12, UD-8)
Nate Campbell (SD-10)
Joan Guzman (UD-12)
Kevin Kelley (MD-12)
David Murillo (UD-10)
Notable Losses Courtney Burton (SD-12)
Juan Diaz (UD-10)
Victoriano Sosa (PTS-12)



Record 33-6
37 KO 19
Las Vegas, NV (Missoula, MT) Hometown Queens, NY (Greenville, NC)
33 Age 37
6'8" Height 6'3"
Chris Koval (TKO-1)
Bruce Seldon (KO-2)
Saul Montana (TKO-3)
Notable Wins Owen Beck (TKO-9)
Dominick Guinn (SD-10)
Tim Witherspoon (SD-10)
Jeff Ford (KO-1) Notable Losses Nikolai Valuev (TKO-11)
Hasim Rahman (UD-12)
Wladimir Klitschko (TKO-7)

Picks and a little pre-fight talk? Why not!

Diaz-Pacquiao: Stepping up yet another weight class is a huge, huge deal for Pacquiao, but he looks no different than usual physically, and Diaz has no real size advantage on the Pac Man. Diaz himself says he's used to fighting guys taller than him -- Pacquiao is listed as a half-inch taller, but it looks like more than that. Both are southpaws. Pacquiao has almost every physical edge, it appears, and has knocked out some tough, tough guys along the way. I think Diaz will show up and make a fight of it as best he can, but in the end, he gets outclassed by a better, stronger, faster man. Pacquiao TKO-9

Luevano-Santiago: Luevano is a solid but unspectacular boxer who does all the little things, but he was knocked down in his last fight against Terdsak Jandaeng. He recovered very well and dominated the bout (he was dominating the round in which he got caught, too). I'm a big fan of Santiago's. Do I feel upset? No, not really. But I think he's got a very good chance, and that this is the most even fight of the night on paper. Luevano UD-12

Soto-Lorenzo: Think of this fight as Soto being rewarded by Top Rank for all his hard work. The interim WBC 130-pound strap (held by Pacquiao, but sure to be vacated) is on the line. Soto was made to look foolish by Joan Guzman in his last major outing, and Lorenzo is a 36-year old knockaround guy who'll have some decent tales to tell someday. They're similar fighters in many ways, but Soto is taller and eight years younger than his opponent. Give me Humberto via piling up the punches and doing good damage. Soto TKO-6

Fields-Barrett: Well, they had to drop one absolute turd onto the card, I guess. This 10-round heavyweight "attraction" features a couple of guys that either have been waxed by good opposition (Barrett) or surely would get waxed if they ever fought good opposition (Fields). I like "Two Gunz" more than I like "Railroad Tye," but that's not really Tye's fault. It's just that Arum so often put his junk fights against bums and cans on TV with their Versus Network deal, and I've had to see way too much of an uninteresting if likable fighter. I'd pick Monte because I hope he wins and rids us of Fields before Tye's 6'8" frame and Americanness grants him a title shot where he gets manhandled, but Barrett's 37 and it's been three years since he beat anybody of any note whatsoever -- and really, have Owen Beck and Dominick Guinn every truly distanced themselves from the likes of Cliff Couser and Damon Reed? Fields TKO-7

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