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Quick n' Dirty: Pacquiao obliterates Diaz

Quick results:

Manny Pacquiao TKO-9 David Diaz

Francisco Lorenzo DQ-4 Humberto Soto (horrible, horrible, horrible call, and we'll talk more about it tomorrow)

Monte Barrett KO-1 Tye Fields (57 seconds)

Steven Luevano D-12 Mario Santiago

Pacquiao looked phenomenal, overwhelmed Diaz the entire fight. Very fast, very strong. Diaz was too tough for his own good. At the time of stoppage, I had it 80-70 for Manny. He never got even close to losing a single round.

Luevano-Santiago was superb. I had it 114-114. Official scores were 117-111 Luevano, 115-113 Santiago, 114-114. Would love to see a rematch. Great style matchup, lots of momentum shifts.

Loved seeing Fields go down so hard against Barrett, who creamed him with six punches. It was a boxer against a guy in gloves. Plain as that.

The Lorenzo DQ was despicable. Manny Steward was incensed, and Lampley got into one of his rants. It was all deserved. Horrible call by Joe Cortez.


"He was too fast. F---er was too fast."

David Diaz is one hell of a likable guy.

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