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Valero next for Pacquiao?

Edwinvalero_610801_medium Source: ABS-CBN News

From Ronnie Nathanielsz:

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum hopes to finalize the first title defense of newly-crowned World Boxing Council lightweight champion and Filipino national treasure Manny Pacquiao against undefeated KO artist Edwin Valero in a meeting in Las Vegas.

In an overseas telephone conversation with Viva Sports, Arum said  that he was “pretty close to making a deal with (Akihiko) Honda”, the well-known Japanese businessman-sportsman who handles Valero, adding “hopefully I will be able to finalize it tomorrow (Monday in the US)”

Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

As expected, this indicates that Valero will join Pacquiao, Marquez, and Guzman at 135, and it also indicates that Arum and Pacquiao are not fooling around and looking for easy fights -- although to be truthful, I think Valero is a pretty easy mark for Pacquiao.

Valero has never fought anyone nearly as good, fast, or strong as Pacquiao. He just hasn't. Pacquiao has faced guys that can punch before, but I think the chances of him getting hit enough by Valero are pretty slim. Edwin's footwork and hand speed just aren't good enough for Manny's class.

It's not like Edwin is one-shotting guys anymore. Mosquera took him 10, Honmo went eight, Shimada just went seven.

But still, it's a great fight to make. Valero is a walking myth, a powerhouse fighter who has knocked out everyone put in front of him. And Manny is Manny.

Arum says he hopes to stage the fight in Vegas, which will require Valero being licensed in Nevada. Currently, he can only fight in Texas or internationally. I don't see what would be so bad about holding it in Houston or something, but hey. Sometimes it's nice to see a big fight somewhere other than Vegas, if you ask me, but I know the promoters make the most money out there.

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