Mayweather announces retirement????

This doesn't seem to be a joke as Dan Rafael is reporting Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has announced his retirement.

"It is with a heavy heart that I write you this message today," Mayweather, 32, said in a statement. "I have decided to permanently retire from boxing. This decision was not an easy one for me to make as boxing is all I have done since I was a child. However, these past few years have been extremely difficult for me to find the desire and joy to continue in the sport."

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schafer:

"I have been informed of Floyd's decision and I wish him good luck," Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer told "I wish him good luck in his retirement. We will move on. Sometime next week I will announce a big fight for Oscar. There are different names out there and I will be working diligently to announce in the coming days Oscar's next fight."

Bob Arum:

"I commend Floyd Mayweather for being so forthright," Arum said. "He's had a wonderful career He's decided to retire and to announce publicly his intention. I think we should all applaud him for his candor and his forthrightness. Boxing is a very dangerous sport and it involves serious risk of injury every time a person steps into the ring. Floyd has a accumulated a large nest egg through his fighting and promotional abilities the past couple of years and I, for one, see no reason why he should subject himself to additional risk when he appears to be set financially."

So do people buy this?  The timing just seems pretty random.

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