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AP: Hearns in debt to IRS

Tomy-hearns_mediumFormer multi-division world champion and superstar Thomas "Hitman" Hearns is the newest ex-boxer facing some financial hardships, as the AP reports:

The Detroit News reported Friday on its Web site that liens filed in Oakland County state that Hearns and wife Renee owe nearly $268,000 in federal taxes from 2004-06.

Attorney Michael J. Smith told the newspaper that the 49-year-old Hearns disputes the debt and is working with the Internal Revenue Service to resolve it.

Of course, the hope is that something is actually not right here, and that Hearns and his wife are correct and the whole thing will get resolved. This isn't near the pathetic Evander Holyfield scenario, thankfully. Hopefully Tommy will get it all sorted out and we won't have to hear about him being drilled by the IRS.

In better Hearns family news, the "Hitman's" son, Ronald, is due to return to action on June 20 in the Cayman Islands on Shobox, a card headlined by Andre Ward-Jerson Ravelo and Eddie Chambers-Raphael Butler. Hearns (18-0, 14 KO) will reportedly be facing Jose Luis Gonzalez (12-3-1, 10 KO). He was last seen pounding on Juan Astorga for eight rounds on the Pavlik-Taylor II undercard.

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